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  • joemama
    Oct 26, 04:49 PM
    Random yet related question:

    What do people recommend using to record basic voiceovers in iMovie and FCExpress? My high school students currently use ProTools and Mbox and it's just way too complicated to record a simple voiceover.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jun 11, 03:48 PM
    Wow, I don't look at the guides for a few days and look what's happened. Nice work Eraserhead.

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  • fs454
    Apr 20, 02:43 PM
    Just having beat Portal 2 on my 11" MBA with a 1.6ghz core 2 duo and the 320m, playing it on max settings, native resolution at ~40fps was GREAT.

    This isn't possible on the Intel graphics, it'd tip just below smoothly playable at these settings. The CPU is barely a bottleneck, seriously. What other 11" device can run a modern game maxed out?! Thank god for the Source engine, and for Apple's 320M+C2D choice.

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  • holtm
    Mar 18, 09:20 PM
    What time are they opening?
    Knox said they would be opening at 8:00 am and Northpark didn't say when.

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  • Andronicus
    Mar 24, 02:47 PM
    That almost makes me feel bad for selling a 16GB Wi-Fi only for $375 last week. oh well...I'm over it.

    Don't feel bad I bought a first gen iPad right before the iPad 2 launch. I paid $500 for a 32GB 3G, and I still love it! Worth the money and will hold me over till iPad 3 retina display!

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  • notjustjay
    Jan 4, 02:17 PM
    I would hope that the unit would at least cache the download map tiles.

    I wonder how well it will work on an iPad?

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  • maflynn
    May 5, 10:33 AM
    I think it's to hide how good OS X is. ;)

    To be honest, this is a smart move from Microsoft. If there is one thing I cannot stand about Apple, it is the silly prices they charge. The Apple Tax is stupid.

    Apple definitely has the coolness going and the "halo" affect from its iPhone and iPads but in this tough economic time. Its hard to 30% and more for a Mac and you're not getting any much different in terms of hardware (other then a glowing apple logo)

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 22, 09:03 PM
    I'll take the Fonz mantra here: If you're cool, you know it and don't have to tell everyone. I think the guy that wrote that article is probably a moron in a depressed state trying to make himself feel better.


    Interesting. I don't have a degree, dropped college, not vegetarian and I don't wear designer clothes or read newspapers.

    I guess I don't fit the trend. But interesting non the less.

    Are you sure you're trying your best? :D

    What I learned today: Mac users are hipster douches who think they are tech savvy, but still too dumb to run Windows.

    I actually choked when I read this. Best post in thread.

    i can't face.

    if i use both, am i a double douche?

    Maybe you have a split personality. Is your name Sybil by any chance? :D

    :confused: You're only making it sad.

    Nice ride. Which model and year?

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  • RITZFit
    Mar 11, 03:14 PM
    This reminds me of a history project I had back in high school. We were to tally up all of our household (then parents house) goods made in china. The idea was to give us perspective of were our money was going. Obviously I found a lot of what I was looking for but I was more surprised of how little of our possessions were made in America. Even now, much of my possession are foreign made...mostly japanese and chinese :rolleyes:

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  • headset
    Mar 24, 03:32 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Yeah this is a deal. I just called our local store and the guy said they're out of 16gbs nationally. Considering a 32...

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  • Liquorpuki
    Apr 9, 02:32 PM
    Other organizations do that stuff also. The majority of Planned Parenthood's business is abortions.

    PS don't Planned Parenthood's origins

    First other organizations offer abortions as well. So I'm not sure what your logic is getting at.

    Second PP was not started by the KKK.

    Finally, I don't know if what Abby Johnson is saying is true but if abortions are truly going on at a magnitude that she suggests and PP is illegally funding them, I don't know why she's the only firsthand source.

    I dont know how many of you guys actually have firsthand experience with PP and how many are just doing the keyboard jockey thing but I've been in 3 Planned Parenthood waiting rooms. Those places are always packed with women. It'll be raining and the place won't open for another hour and there will still be a line outside. From looking around, I have never seen any woman there with a late term pregnancy. What I did see were a lot of women - usually from high school to mid-20's, lower income, probably no health insurance. Since my high school days, PP has always been the primary resource for testing and/or contraception. Through their counseling, which is actually pretty effective, it's also one of the best resources to learn how to be sexually responsible.

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  • iZac
    Apr 19, 12:16 PM
    Expose by shaking is a very crap idea, wasn't that great for undo either.

    shake-to-anything is a bad idea.

    On a phone at least.

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  • iNeko
    Mar 25, 05:59 AM
    Waiting excitedly for mine to arrive :)

    Curse the parcel deliveries to come later than the regular post!

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  • FF_productions
    Oct 9, 03:05 PM
    Ah shut up you bastards...

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  • DrJohnnyN
    Mar 7, 05:28 PM

    Why wait outdoors (Knox) when you can wait indoors (Northpark)?

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  • MattInOz
    Apr 6, 02:07 AM
    There's no such thing as a 'normal person'. The 'normal people' he is reffering to are the computer illiterate. Being computer illiterate dosen't make you normal.

    Agnostic maybe but not illiterate. Would you call a person who knows no more about a pencil than to sharpen it and draw or write illiterate?

    Computer are tools to and shouldn't need to be anything more than that to the vast majority of people. Why should they need to worry anymore about the tool than they worry about the pencil.

    *yes I don't consider myself normal in this respect either. What with a collection of clutch pencils and a full set of Derwents very handy.

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  • diehldun
    Apr 12, 04:16 PM
    Have you actually used it or are you just talking crap? The new version is actually really good and in my opinion BETTER than Apples product.

    Agreed. A lot of people gave the previous Office crap (and rightfully so), but I've been very impressed with Office '11 and haven't looked back.

    Dropped Apple Mail for Outlook, gave up on Pages a long long time ago, and Keynote's a nice toy to play with time to time. Office '11 for Mac is a very impressive showing on Microsoft's part.

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  • gatearray
    Oct 6, 01:29 PM
    Two new models, a "high end" and a smaller "low end" model???

    Already exists. They are called the 8gb iPhone 3GS for $99, and the 32gb iPhone 4 for $299.

    Next year, there will be an iPhone 4 with 8gb for $99, and the iPhone 5 will take over the $199/$299 spots with new, fantastic features. :)

    How much cheaper does Apple need to make the phone to entice buyers? What can they do to make a more expensive phone for "high end" customers? Make it gold-plated, or possibly an iPhone with 24" spinner rims?

    I agree with everyone else here, Shaw Wu should stop being a fake analyst and get to work at his new, more appropriate job� asking me if I want fries with that.

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  • xPismo
    Nov 14, 12:43 PM
    United is the ONLY airline that does this.

    I wish they all did. Its a great way to enjoy the flight.

    As for the ipod plugins, its great the only downside I see is it forces Apple into a single connector / body shape for future ipods. It would suck to release a new ipod that isn't useable on your next flight.

    Oct 16, 04:45 PM
    Why would apple start production on the new iPod in December? When would the release be then?

    It would be released at MWSF, just after the new year. Makes perfect sense...although a lot of people were hoping it would come sooner.

    Nov 21, 04:09 PM
    Interesting concept, but their website ( scares me away in a hurry. What was that about making a good first impression?

    yea, their website looks like it was from 1998...

    Apr 15, 12:26 PM
    zimbra, pop/imap

    what a joke. firewall guys, we want email on our phones. we need to open the firewall on a few more ports

    exchange is database based which makes it easier and cheaper to manage it

    Wait, how does Exchange being database driven have anything to do with Firewall ports of POP/IMAP protocols exactly ? Exchange does the same POP/IMAP protocols and if you want your phones to access the system using those protocols on an Exchange server, you'll have to open the same firewall ports... Are your 2 statements even related ? Do you even realise Zimbra's backend is also database driven, except they use a much more standard RDBMS (MySQL) rather than Exchange's proprietary EDB format (which is loosely based on MDB, since both use the JET database engine, a far inferior database format that's more akin to SQLite than to a real RDBMS).

    But of course, you know all of this right ?

    And are you suggesting that push based e-mail requires a "database driven" backend in any sort of way ? Because that would be quite ludicrous a claim a to make. And of course, are you suggesting only Exchange does push based e-mail ? Because that would be ignoring Zimbra's Z-Push functionality...

    The fact is, AD, Exchange, they are so widespread exactly because of what I said earlier : Microsoft got their monopoly from IBM in the 80s and then proceeded to leverage at every chance to make solutions that do not inter-operate well. AD is integrated into Windows client tightly, it's a pain to make it work for anything else as far as SSOs go. Exchange is a success thanks to Outlook's widespread use, which is thanks to Office's dominance, which achieved it through Windows widespread use on the desktop.

    This is typical Microsoft modus operandi and why I have ethical and moral reasons to not work with their products as much as I can personally help it.

    Your SQL server example is also short-sighted. A 1/4 the cost of Oracle ? No duh, you're getting 10% of the product. Typical though that people look for Oracle when their needs don't even require it. It's just the best there is right now, and of course, you have to pay for that. However, you don't always need the best, in fact, Oracle is overkill for about 90% of RDBMS use out there.

    This is all moot, the subject of this thread is Apple hiring a Data center manager, not a product manager, that used to work at Microsoft. I see no problem in this, the guy is probably very qualified.

    Apr 16, 02:22 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    Let's hope he didn't use a cross compiler when making the app....

    Apr 19, 10:11 AM
    I don't think this is real. If this was a "prototype" why would it have XX GB on the back. None of the OEM iPhone 4's have any storage indication markings on the outside. So why would the XX be on the case?

    If you ask me, its customized with aftermarket white glass (that you can buy from china, in white, pink, blue, black, green, etc).

    In fact, after looking closer at the video. The back of the case appears to be a shiny or clear-coat plastic, and not glass. Furthermore, there appears to be a separation or gap along the bottom edge of the phone on the back of the device. Supporting that it is a poor seal from an aftermarket replacement of a black iphone 4's glass with a replica white piece. Such a gap would NOT exist if this was released by apple or exist in a prototype.

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