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Alyssa Milano Tattoos

Hannah Aitchison Tattoo

Hannah is probably best known for her work on the LA Ink on TLC. Hannah is also the sister of well known tattoo artist, Guy Aitchison. Her work is vibrant and bold and is completely different from her brother's style.She is originally from Chicago and when doing the LA show was splitting her time between the 2 cities. She's got a vast range of other hobbies and you wonder where she can find the time to juggle all of them. The ambition may be genetic as her brother has a large variety of projects going at any given time. Her style has been called classical illustration and I think that's a good term to describe her style.

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Melissa Tattoo Artist

Raoul Tattoo Artist

Cécile Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist Women at hand

1st Phuket International Tattoo Convention 2010

Jungceylon Patong, tattoo artists and tattoo shop owners are preparing to host the 1st Phuket International Tattoo Convention during April 6th-8th, 2010 in the Sino Zone of Jungceylon Department Store. The event features over 30 tattoo exhibition booths from Thailand, Germany, Australia, Korea, Singapore and etc, the demonstration of many styles of tattoo like Fantasy Style, Tribal Style, Word Style and White Ink Style.

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Waka Flocka Flame Tattoos

Henry Rollins Tattoo

Lenny Kravitz Tattoo

Lady Gaga Tattoos Are Explored In This Week's Fashion

This week we are taking a look at some of Lady Gaga's best tattoos. She's so in love with getting inked and her fans that she even got a tat dedicated to them that reads "little monsters," her pet name for her devoted followers.

Love Celebrity tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos above very match just for the girls. Look tattoos design which very simple with love in her body. . . .

Celebrity Tattoos Dedigns

When it comes to celebrity tattoos designs and there are two advances as people trust. The first is to follow a design alike to their favourite film star, athlete or a musician. The second formula is really paying tribute to a celebrity like inking their likeness on their body. For this purpose, people ever keep an eye on the newest trends in celebrity tattoos. If you scan your favourite magazine, TV shows or cinema, life celebrities unfold to the level that you can make a decision each time you symbol their body with a new tattoo. As you might or might not have accurately the same tattoo, their choices foster your artistic juices and assist you discover what you want from a drawing. Out of the athletes and musicians, one of the most well-liked tattooed celebrities is Angelina Jolie, who has influenced many to enquire the world of tattoos tribal conflicts, with the dragon, tiger, and foreign letter originated on the shoulders and arms. While film stars are rather influential in the development of the tattoos, the alternative of musicians, go behind. A number of artists R & B, hip-hop and rock stars are frequently tested for the distinct creations are depicted. For example, that “Thug Life” tattoo on Topic’s drawings appear the tattoo on his belly, many of them motivated for years. While the tattoos that celebrities choose have persuaded many to pursue the same way, the results of friends that fans build with these stars, which also partial tattoo designs.

Female Tattoo Artist – Valerie Vargas

The world of tattoo artists is still evolving and the impace of women artists is still coming into its own. Valerie was recently voted top 100 favorite artists by Skin Deep – one of my all time favorite tattoo magazines . She works at Frith St Tattoo in London. She has a long waiting list of future customers with many flying into town just to be tattooed by her.

David Cross Tattoo

David Cross, as Tobias Funke. This tattoo somehow is in a state of arrested development. If only it were in blue!

Tommy Lee Tattoos

Rockstar Tommy Lee is in New Zealand on a flying visit to promote his new band. The new tattoo design is not yet decided. But in generally he said that Kiwi tattoo artist have great reputation in internationally. He wears innumerable tattoos and now decides, “I just call it like one big tattoo.”

He and the band’s lead singer Lukas Rossi wanted to get identical tattoos to fasten their “brotherhood” relationship as a band mates.

Music’s second most famous tattooed drummer

Travis’ first tattoo was the word “BONES” (a nickname when he was a kid) on his leg which he got when he was 17 years old. Another notable addition is the phrase “SELF MADE” spelled out across his knuckles which he got in 2000. Some of Travis’ numerous tattoos include religious art as he says he was brought up Catholic. He has a portrait of Jesus above his left biceps, hands in prayer on the left side of his head (visible with his signature mohawk) and a Sacred Heart. He has a few tattoos that symbolize his love for cars and Cadillacs in particular - two racing flags on the side of his neck with the number 66 which symbolizes the year of his favorite Cadillac and a Cadillac emblem surrounded by mudflap girls on his chest as well as a pair of spark plugs.

Much of his body art is devoted to his love of music such as the phrase “Can I Say” which is the name of Dag Nasty’s first album, a microphone, and a boom box on his stomach for his love of breakdancing when he was growing up. He also has the word “HOPE” on his back because of the Descendents’ song and something positive after his mother’s death. He has another tribute to the Descendents on his leg - the cover art to the album, I Don’t Want To Grow Up, drumsticks and musical notes on his right arm.

Travis also makes several tributes to his family with the phrase “familia” on his arm, Japanese flowers on the back of his neck with a heart that says “Mom”, and another heart with “SHANNA” on the banner. He also has the name of his first wife, “Melissa,” just above the racing flags on the side of his neck.

Kiki Platas Tattoo Artist

Tattoo model Michelle Bombshell Mcgee

Sandra's love of the Chuckle Brothers led her to get them tattooed on her back in 1996. Director Jan de Bont was furious as several key scenes in "Speed 2: Cruise Control" had to be digitally edited to remove all trace of the UK comedy giants' faces, and since then Sandra has used body doubles for almost all her scenes, even when clothed.

Body Tattoo Artist

This is another special edition of Tattoosday, a variation on the Tattoos I Know series. First seen on Valentine’s Day, this is an episode of Tattoos I Love. This category is reserved for the ink on my wife, Melanie, who turns 40 today.

Jess Yen Tattoo Artist

Jess Yen is an award winning artist on both the international and national level. He is well known for his realistic portraits and elaborate and intricate body suits. He is equally famous for his black and grey as much as he is for his color...

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Jessica simpson got new henna tattoo design

Asian Sexiest Model

Denise Truscello Tattoo

Tattoo Artist And Celebrity - Kat Von D

Kat Von D was born to Mexican parents René Drachenberg and Sylvia Galeano in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 1982. At age four, she and her family emigrated to the United States, settling in Colton, California. Von D is of German and Mexican-Italian descent. She did her first tattoo on herself at the age of 14, a letter “J” in Old English style on her ankle. Her first work on someone else, a Misfits(Crimson Ghost) skull, was done soon after. She first started working for a tattoo shop at age sixteen under mentor Tim Hendricks.

Chris Garver tattoo

Chris Garver, (born September 11, 1970), was raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Garver received his first professional tattoo at age 15, experimented with tattooing by the age of 17 and moved to New York in his early twenties. Chris has tattooed in Asia, both Americas and throughout Europe. His name is symomymous with some of the best tattoo work in the industry of body ink. He is a tattoo artist featured on Miami Ink.

Japanese Irezumi artists

He lived in Japan where he was tattooed by the famous Japanese Irezumi artists Horiyoshi III, Horitomo, and Horitoshi. He has also been tattooed by a Buddhist Monk.

Japanese Tattoo Artist HoriYamato A.K.A. “Akilla”

After meeting Horiyamato I learned that we have some mutual friends who are also well known tattoo artists - Ami James, Chris Garver and Yoji Harada from the hit reality show Miami Ink. The guys were recently in Japan shooting their new show, "WorldWide Tribe," and they stopped by Ikebukuro to pay the Horitoshi Family a visit.

Before finding his passion for tattoo Horiyamato used to write for Warp Magazine and he also DJ'd the Tokyo nightclub circuit. Now he's very serious about tattooing but he still finds the time to have fun with his artistic skills. Akilla paints and he also designs for his friends' clothing lines like Manji Line and Bounty Hunter. He recently designed an official WWE t-shirt for Rey Mysterio... and more recently he designed the ski suit for Olympic Alpine Skier Akira Sasaki.

Torsten Frings tattoos

Dimitar Berbatov with tribal tattoos on his right arm

Andry Shevchenko with dragon tattoos

Christian Vieri tattoos on the right arm

Ezequiel Lavezzi With Tattoos Design Art Picture On All Body

soccer Tattoo With Philippe Mexes With Design Tribal Tattoo On Right Arm

soccer Tattoo With Philippe Mexes With Design Tribal Tattoo On Right Arm

Marco Materazzi Tattoos

The Inter Milan defender is most famous for being head butted by Zidane in the World Cup final. But he's a hard-nosed defender who is known for scoring goals with his head. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches, so he's dangerous in the air. He also loves to tackle hard and sometimes his aggressiveness goes too far.

Francesco Totti Tattoos

Totti has played for one team and one team only in his career: Roma. And he's scored over 180 goals for the side. He's the leader and tailsman for his club. And he's got a Roman warrior tattoo on his arm even though it's obvious that's he's not afraid to go into battle for his club or country.

Cesc Fabregas Tattoos

Will Barcelona ever steal back Fabregas from Arsenal? How did Barca let him get away? I think the trade happens but not for some time. Fabregas is still young and has plenty of years left in him. And he's got plenty of more time to add more tattoos. Right now it looks like he's just got the one on the elbow.

Paulo Di Canio Tattoos

Rome, Italy born and bred Paulo Di Canio has played for a wide range of some of the best clubs in the world, from Lazio and Juventus in Italy to Celtic, West Ham, and Charlton up north in Great Britian. However, his career has been tainted by his fascist salute to the ultra fans of Lazio. He has scored over 100 goals in his career and always played with a flair and style that's shown in his tatoos.

Guti Hernandez Tattoos

The Real Madrid midfielder doesn't get as much attention as Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka, but he could be just as valuable to the team. He scores big goals and threads through silky passes. He's got a few tattoos on the inside of his arms.

Victor Valdes Tattoos

Barcelona's keeper sports a warrior tattoo on his arm. He helped his side win the treble last year. Even though he's one of the most successful goalkeepers in Barcelona history, he doesn't seem to get the respect he deserves. Barca have signed him through 2014 though.

Danny Califf Tattoos

Califf plays for FC Midtjylland in Denmark as well as the U.S. national team. He also played in the MLS for the LA Galaxy and the San Jose Earthquakes. It's a bit hard to see, but he's got quite a sleeve tattoo on his right arm - color included.

Sergio Ramos Tattoos

Ramos plays for right back for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. He's an active player who loves to get into the attack.

Tim Howard Tattoos

Everton and U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard doesn't flaunt his tattoos or take he shirit off that often. So many people don't even know he has them, but he's got quite a few and looks like he'll add some more.

Stephen Ireland Tattoo

Ireland has a giant pair of wings tattooed on his back, as you can see in the image below.

At 23 years of age, Ireland has plenty of good years ahead of him. However, the Irishmen he hasn't played for his country since he lied to then Ireland head coach Steve Staunton so he could leave the team to see his girlfriend. Ireland said his grandmother had died, when really his girlfriend had a miscarriage. Hopefully Ireland will be called back into the national team, especially when he's playing so well for Manchester City.

Jermaine Jones Tattoo

Jones didn't have a future with the German national team so he's signed on to play for the United States. Jones plays for Schalke 04 in the German Bundesliga. His month is German and his father an American serviceman. He could play for the United States in the 2010 World Cup. He also will easily be the player with the most tattoos. He's a player who is not afraid to get stuck in on the tackle.

Tim Cahill Tattoo

Australian and Everton midfielder has an intricate tattoo sleave on his arm. Cahill spent seven years with Millwall before joining Everton, where's he has been for the past five years. He's also famous for crossing his arms like he'd been cuffed, after he scored, in reference to his brother who had been jailed recently.

Clint Dempsey Tattoo

The man from Nacogdoches, Texas who went from the New England Revolution to one time rappper to Fulham to the United States national team. Dempsey is perhaps the first United States field player to make it out right as a professional footballer - start consistantly for his side. Brian McBride, Carlos Bocanegra, and John Harkes maybe in that category as well, but Dempsey maybe the most creative. In the photo below he sports his new arm sleeve tattoo - looks like somekind of warrior. The test for Dempsey is to make a big statement in the World Cup. Take the team on his back if need be to get them a win.

Diego Maradona Tattoo

One if not the greatest professional soccer player of all time, Diego has a tattoo of Che Guevara on his arm and then a tattoo of Fidel Castro on his leg. He went to Cuba on a number of occasions to visit Castro and to do rehabilitation for his addition to cocaine. Diego has come a long way, from World Cup hero to drug addict to Argentina's national team coach.

Natasha Kai Tattoos

Kai, who is from Kahuku, Hawaii, has 19 tattoos in total and has said that she got each one when she was going through a difficult time - each tattoo representing something meanful to her, from lyrics she's to images and designs. She has the most tattoos of anyone on this list and currently plays for Sky Blue FC in the WPS.