Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Japanese Tattoo Artist HoriYamato A.K.A. “Akilla”

After meeting Horiyamato I learned that we have some mutual friends who are also well known tattoo artists - Ami James, Chris Garver and Yoji Harada from the hit reality show Miami Ink. The guys were recently in Japan shooting their new show, "WorldWide Tribe," and they stopped by Ikebukuro to pay the Horitoshi Family a visit.

Before finding his passion for tattoo Horiyamato used to write for Warp Magazine and he also DJ'd the Tokyo nightclub circuit. Now he's very serious about tattooing but he still finds the time to have fun with his artistic skills. Akilla paints and he also designs for his friends' clothing lines like Manji Line and Bounty Hunter. He recently designed an official WWE t-shirt for Rey Mysterio... and more recently he designed the ski suit for Olympic Alpine Skier Akira Sasaki.

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