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  • PaperQueen
    Sep 20, 08:12 PM
    I have no idea haha.

    I was also looking at some 3g Leather Cases (those are my favorite style) is there any reason they wouldn't work with my 4g? For example, this one looks good:


    but would my 4g fit in there?

    The new iPod touch is more thinner and narrow compared to the 3rd gen. It's just gonna wobble around the cases if you did that.

    Unless my memory is off, things don�t line up correctly. I considered a couple of 3G cases as a temporary fix (until something irresistible comes out) while at the Apple Store. Everything I liked either made getting to the volume/power buttons challenging or they covered up something critical. Can�t recall in great detail, since each was such an obvious no-go the moment I slipped the 4G in.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 11:26 AM
    I am considering making this my signature.

    Many thanks friend. Stay Well :)

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  • baddj
    Apr 2, 07:32 PM
    Love this ad makes me want to buy one. only if there was stock on Australia.

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  • Eric5h5
    Mar 25, 05:21 PM
    30fps is far from "silky smooth", but that's still pretty cool.


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  • Apple OC
    Apr 21, 09:32 PM
    I read the police in Michigan were downloading info from people's iPhones on traffic stops ... only a matter of time before some innocent people get trumped up on bogus charges ... police have been known to have tunnel vision. (example ... sir, what were you doing at Avenue and Main street at 3pm this afternoon?)

    Citizens do not need this kind of technology sneaking into their day to day lives.

    This is a serious breach of people's right to privacy.

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  • PharmD
    Aug 6, 09:04 PM
    Well, they weren't kidding about Tiger being "long before Longhorn". I'm excited to see what they have cooking. Thankfully I'll be at work until 6 EST so I can come home, boot up MR and read all about it.

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  • mac-er
    Jul 20, 08:19 AM
    "We're not sitting around doing nothing," Apple said about the prospect that mobile phones may soon emerge as very capable digital music players and challenge the iPod.

    This was a pretty interesting quote AppleInsider had from the presentation.

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  • peeInMyPantz
    Aug 7, 12:51 AM
    10am PST is 1am here. So it's really like christmas. So should I keep myself awake and take a peep at santa? or just wait for the good news tomorrow. Or bad news.

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  • The.316
    Nov 26, 06:52 AM
    Logitech diNovo Mac Edition Keyboard
    I finally decided that I couldn't put up with not having a number pad any longer. Feels good to have a full sized keyboard again.

    Ive been contemplating this keyboard because of the same reasons. I have a question for anyone that can answer this...I use the new Logitech Performance MX, which uses the same mini usb connector, can I use that to connect the keyboard as well, or do I have to add a second USB connector for the keyboard?

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 19, 01:15 PM
    Yay, news that's something other than iOS related.

    Now hopefully the Mac Mini will get updated as well.

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  • donlphi
    Nov 29, 02:05 PM
    It's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

    Already been done...


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  • chillywilly
    Sep 6, 03:25 PM
    I really think the next option is to even take out the Combo drives on all low end Macs and just add a SuperDrive to every model.

    Even if you don't burn that many DVDs, it makes more sense to include it instead of having something that's pretty much outdated that's semi-difficult to replace for most users (the mini is the easiest out of all non-Pro and laptop models to replace the optical drive).

    I don't like the idea that Apple has dropped options on lower end models, esp the SuperDrive option on the low end mini. There's not that many advantages that make the extra $200 all that inviting.

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  • bartelby
    Nov 28, 01:44 PM
    Thats awesome.....They attempted to give me a ticket for doing about 100mph in a residential zone a few years ago...was actually doing it too.. When they tried to speak to me I pretended to not know english( handed him a PA license) I kept speaking to him in pig latin and pretending I didn't understand...meanwhile he was ready haul us off to the Klink...LOL He eventually got so pissed off he got in his cruiser and left. What I didn't know was they filed a complaint with the rental car agency and we where banned from renting from them again...oooohhhh whoptie do da:D:D:D The things a bottle of good tequila will make you do.

    You almost sound proud of this!

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  • Roy Hobbs
    Jan 2, 10:48 AM
    An iMac with an adjustable screen height, with dual C2D chips.

    I would love to see an iMac with a height adjustable screen. Dual c2d chips would be nice too. But I would rather have the height adjustment. My wife wants a 24 inch iMac but the hutch on her desk is 0.6 inches to short.

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  • tablo13
    Sep 14, 08:22 PM
    I got the Belkin Grip Vue in the blue color at bestbuy. Really a toss up between the three colors IMO.

    Looks pretty decent from the front, but the blue is a bit feminine.

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  • Stoutman11
    Jan 28, 02:08 PM

    I put some painted grills on it yesterday, and had pre- and post-cat O2 sensors installed along with the fuel filter today. It looks pretty good for a car with 103k miles on the odo (I'm the original owner).

    very clean! looks nice

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  • lifeinhd
    Mar 1, 03:19 PM
    Here is the College setup, I will eventually upgrade to the Logitech Performance wireless mouse. What is seen in the picture:

    27" iMac
    11.6" Macbook Air
    Blackberry Tour
    PS3 Slim
    Xbox 360 Slim

    Are you living on campus? And if so, they actually let you mount a TV on the wall? :eek: Where do you go?

    I. Love. This. Room. ^_^ I'm going to steal it! :D MUHAHAHAH!

    +1. It just looks like such a nice place to be. Then I look around my room, with gray walls, shades over the windows, dismantled iMacs all over the floor, and I think "Meh...."

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Mar 19, 01:23 PM
    Doesn't seem to stop Obama from going on TV to claim credit though.

    Maybe he thinks if he does enough of nothing, he'll get himself another Nobel Prize.

    Still, it's good to see other governments taking the point on this. We've got enough on our plate as it is.

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  • awraisch
    Sep 5, 08:25 AM
    do they usually shut the store down for something as small as a speed bump?

    Apr 3, 12:20 PM
    Great ad. When they can't compete on specs Apple should try to use fuzzy math (sorry, logic) to convince people that there is more to their products. That's the only way for Apple to keep the profit margin.

    You may not have noticed that, but what you call "specs" are not the specs that are important to Apple, and not the specs that are important to people. I've heard the term "measurbators" used in photography for people who are interested in the specs of cameras, instead of being interested in making photos. Apple doesn't build the iPad for people who look for specs, but for people who want to do stuff with a tablet and enjoy it.

    Sep 4, 11:56 PM
    I will be surprised if the Solo continues. Duo across the line, even C2D, would be a nice milestone and there shouldn't be a lot of money difference.

    Also, let's not forget that Solos are Duos that have one core disabled. As Intel's yields have improved have improved over time (I would guess), I suspect that the need to sell Solos to recoup losses would be reduced...

    The big guessing game will be when the speed bump occurs: now, on 12 September or on 25 September (Photokina)...

    Mar 27, 12:59 PM
    All Intel machines going forward with the new Sandy Bridge CPU architecture will be EFI boot like Mac has been for some time. That probably explains why Apple will support off-the-shelf PC GPUs now. :apple:

    May 3, 01:12 PM
    I think this is fair but let me bottom line it.

    10 versions of Mac OS and no standard process for properly (and completely) removing apps?

    and...If dragging to the trash can is effective why do so many cleaner applications exist?

    Mac OS has some really cool features but also lack polish and refinement. This lack of refinement is based solely on apple's drive to not be like Windows.

    The new iOS approach to removal does not seem effective as I doubt this is a complete uninstall...probably just an background move to the trashcan. How many times have you removed apps from your phone then reinstalled them to find you previous data intact?

    Some windows uninstallers leave a ton of crap behind too, more that the library files that are left behind on a mac (which can easily be found and removed). I think you need to get over your concerns with the consequences of dragging something to the trash in OSX just because that won't work well on Windows.

    PS: Why is leaving behind a text file so you can easily restore your settings a bad thing?

    Aug 25, 07:33 AM
    A mini for the well educated, performance orientated computer user

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