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  • plastictrees
    Mar 27, 10:38 AM
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    Anything new to report guys?
    Went to bestbuy at park lane and got mine!!

    Did you reserve it? I hate that apple guy that works there. He's always rude to me.

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  • Bye Bye Baby
    Feb 28, 01:09 AM
    The difference in the operating systems is more in terms of just function and applications- it is not a completely different operating system. So the idea of Apple giving you access to it on your lion disk is not an outrageous idea.

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  • cardpip
    Oct 24, 12:55 PM
    Out of interest, does anyone know anything about a special offer on Macs bought on Friday, because I seem to remember reading that there was a 10% discount on all Macs bought on the day that Tiger was released? Has anyone heard about anything like this?

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  • Dooger
    Mar 24, 02:49 AM



    Seems a bit hypocritical of Buddhist Steve Jobs to be embracing peace on one hand while providing support for the brutal "shock and awe" merchants on the other.

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  • aricher
    Oct 9, 03:45 PM
    If you can watch an HD movie over your satilite or cable system then somehow the cable or stilite company found a way to electronically distribute the HD content to you. That 25GB of data found a way to get into your house. Not only did it get into the huse but it did it in real time

    Exactly - I watch HD content and HD on-demand nearly every day in my house. if my crappy cable provider can deliver this nearly any mega-corp can.

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  • DeSnousa
    Apr 19, 03:10 AM
    Your first points are up bennieboy, welcome to the team :D

    We have 75 active folders now :D

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 5, 02:01 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/05/ipad-2-tops-consumer-reports-tablet-ratings/)


    Consumer Reports released (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/apples-ipad-2-tops-consumer-reports-tablet-ratings-119237109.html) their tablet ratings today, and found the iPad 2 to be the best tablet they tested. The Motorola Xoom was the closest competitor, but fared worse on ease of use and portability as compared to the iPad 2. Consumer Reports warns against the lower-priced options as those costing under $300 and under were "at best medicore."

    Consumer Reports made headlines (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/07/12/consumer-reports-cant-recommend-iphone-4-due-to-signal-issues/) last July when it declined to recommend the iPhone to consumers due to antenna issues that could result in loss of signal.

    Article Link: iPad 2 Tops Consumer Reports' Tablet Ratings (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/05/ipad-2-tops-consumer-reports-tablet-ratings/)No surprise here.

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  • ciTiger
    Mar 24, 11:38 AM
    That would be nice...

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  • j_maddison
    Mar 19, 04:07 PM
    Really nice for the schools.

    I disagree, very very small discount

    Apple should have extended the full education discount of 14% to students. As much as I love Apple's products, they're very much an overly greedy company these days. They're also possibly being myopic, as students are highly likely to buy content for the device IMO

    Very shameful Apple

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  • leekohler
    May 3, 10:53 AM
    We have and will continue to have universal healthcare. We have and will continue to have a pension system and hopefully the conservatives can patch it up so that it will there for me when I retire as a supplement/backup for my RRSPs.

    You go on and believe that if you want. You have no idea the damage conservatives can and will do, but you're about to find out. Get out the lube, you're gonna need it.

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  • Dagless
    Mar 17, 06:53 PM
    3DS game prices are the same as DS prices in the UK. �29. I imagine they'll drop to �25 in some shops after the launch period.
    Surprised to see the console price plummet so much on Amazon too. �185! Cheaper than a PSP Go. I must say it's tempting but yeah, unless anything changes with the launch lineup I'll just wait till Zelda hits.

    Ocarina of Time also has the Master Quest too, so, w00t!

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  • macfan881
    Aug 19, 02:59 PM
    Ok still having log in issues removed Bite SMS reinstalled rebooted still having issues thankfully i still having synced my iPhone to my computer yet.

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  • Hellhammer
    Jun 14, 04:55 PM
    That design is just awful. Reminds me of a cheesy alienware case:


    I knew it looks like one of those cases, just didn't remember which! :D

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  • KingYaba
    Mar 15, 06:13 PM
    Most of the foods I buy are domestically grown. I always look for the oranges from Southern Texas because those taste the best.

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  • QuantumLo0p
    Nov 21, 06:22 PM
    "If you're in a warm room, for instance, you'll have much lower performance, since it requires the differential to work. Of course, maybe the information available isn't wholly accurate, but that's my understanding based on the description."

    If the chip operates at a relatively high temperature a differential shouldn't be hard to reach. For example, with the cell operating at 600 degrees there is not much of a differential change between room temperature and plus/minus 10 degrees.

    The article hinted at efficiency between twenty to thirty percent. Wow. This would be a huge leap above thermocouple efficiency, such as in radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTG's), which supposedly are only three to seven percent efficient.

    The applications for this are huge and heat sources are readily available. I, for one, would prefer an alcohol powered cell over a RTG in my computer any day. That whole radiation poisoning thing could ruin my bowling average.

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  • ccharlton
    Mar 18, 03:21 PM
    Hey guys,

    1st post. Wanted to see if there are any methods for allowing non-WPA2 Enterprise clients to access my wireless LAN without having to import the certificate and authenticate with username/password. Perhaps filtering by MAC address.

    All my PC's and Mac's are working fine but I have a Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and a Sony Bravia TV that connect wirelessly.


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  • TehReaper
    Mar 11, 07:46 AM
    Surprisingly is only two of us still in northpark mall.

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  • brucem91
    May 3, 04:28 PM
    gah, seriously apple needs to talk to geforce/ati and get some decent drivers, cause the beta is so much smoother in bootcamp.

    shame, with steam incoming soon.

    i will never play sc2 on mac as it is now

    The thing is that OS X uses OpenGl, where Windows uses DirectX. I'd agree with you, but I'd prefer running in OS X vs rebooting and my macbook running hotter. Plus while in the b.net menus, I can resize with apple + m, and open safari real quick, yet still be in the game. Plus, even on low, the game still looks pretty cool in my opinion.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 12, 04:44 PM
    Wow, I came into this thread late. I wonder where the other 39% percent of the Silverado is from? I would guess more than one country. I know about the US Toyota plant, but Honda, too?

    Anyway, I kind of like the Honda Fit and if that's helping American workers, then all the more power to them.

    Honda has been building cars in Ohio at least since the early '90s. Had a '93 Civic built in East Liberty or Marysville... can't remember which. Sadly, the Fits (I actually own an '09) come from Japan.

    Mar 29, 03:19 PM
    Better graphics than the existing DS

    I am tempted to buy one for this reason. I was able to look at one in a store earlier today and wow, its ugly.. I really prefer the look of the DSi a lot more, the 3DS just looks horrible compared to the DSi.

    The 3D aspect really means nothing to me as I cannot see anything in 3D (glasses based or this I assume) because of my vision issues. The idea of having better graphics compels me, however I'm not sure if I will get one just yet.

    Nov 14, 07:59 PM
    Uhh.. yea. I think the moral of the story, as exhibited here on this thread, is that some things are best left neutral.

    An old saying in sales is that there are two things you NEVER discuss with a potential customer: Politics and Religion.

    The reason is simply because many people have their own beliefs and views, and in the case of religion and politics, they are often very strong views, which they will defend militantly.

    I personally don't care, or am the slightest bit offended, if someone wishes me a 'Merry Christmas', a 'Happy Kwanzaa', a 'Jovial Hog Raping Day', or any of the probably hundreds of 'holidays' that exist throughout the year.

    For the purposes of selling Macs to people, I think it's best to simply say 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas! Vote Republican!'

    Mar 12, 10:23 PM
    It's like the 2004 presidential election all over again. How much do you want to bet that more iTunes bottle caps were distributed amongst the blue states?


    haha, i wonder what the breakdown would eventually be :confused:

    May 1, 06:38 PM
    I have a C2C Macbook Pro and Use final cut pro. For a 7-10 minute video with HD footage that sounds about right.

    Apr 5, 09:54 AM
    They would be a liar if they say otherwise.

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