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  • WildCowboy
    Oct 18, 10:07 PM
    Apple has had a phenomenal run. They are doing this on all fronts. They have 2 Billion CASH! That is a big deal. It keeps the R&D funded.

    Actually they have over $6 billion in cash and another almost $4 billion in liquid, short term they really have $10 billion in cash, up from just over $8 billion a year ago.

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 14, 12:54 PM

    Mad puppy! (handheld spontaneous, 50mm prime on crop so sorry bout the ears)

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  • cmaier
    Apr 21, 10:59 PM
    The US courts are pro Apple.

    um. Huh? They don't seem to be winning much in the U.S. What is the source of your conjecture?

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  • shawnce
    Jul 21, 12:31 PM
    Although Apple is behind Gateway in market share, Apple's earnings (not revenue, earnings) last quarter (not year, quarter) is pretty close to Gateway's market capitalization!

    Not surprising given that Gateway's market share numbers come directly from the extremely low margin, low end systems they are dumping on the market. In other words they have higher volumes but they are making next to nothing (for some nearly selling at a loss) in order to get those volumes.

    ...basically the stock market knows that Gateway is not a very safe bet...


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  • KeareB
    Oct 18, 06:18 PM
    "Q on Mac Pro demand. A: Very positive reaction to Mac Pro. Still feel there is a delay in purchasing related to Creative Suite (Universal)"

    They said the same thing about pro desktop sales when we were waiting on a carbon version from Adobe. Then, it was released and Pro sales didn't increase. Too bad you can't put Xeon in a MBP :P

    I think this is different. Our company is not buying any Intel-based macs until Adobe releases Universal CS, and I don't know why anyone would spend $$ on new hardwre now only to take a performance hit, vs. a performance increase and better hardware bang for the buck by waiting 6-9 months.

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  • DrDomVonDoom
    Apr 26, 01:33 PM
    wow, this is awful, ****ing capitalists apple. This is why I'll use soundcloud and NOT apple cloud.

    Then we got this guy over here. If you don't like capitalists what the **** are you doing on a macrumors forum? If 20 bucks made you just **** your pants, how did you afford a Mac or a iPad or iPhone. Not to be a dick but, Shouldn't you be buying some horse **** 3rd world version of the iPad from a lepar off the back of a horse buggy or something? SoundCloud has over a million subscribers, for a argueably less intuitive platform. Thats not capitalism?


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  • macaddict3
    May 4, 02:57 AM
    i would rather have a better feature and higher quality phone than just squeezing into the usual deadline. If apple thinks it is necessary to push back the release than I think there is always some reason behind it.

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  • FireStar
    Nov 4, 06:59 PM
    Some AERO clothes. Maybe.


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  • stew278
    Mar 31, 12:02 PM
    Garish as hell.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 22, 10:43 AM
    wimax is not 4G. it even shows up with the wifi icon when it's connected. LTE is a real ITU standard that will eventually pave the way for real 4G

    Really? When my EVO connects to WiMAX the 3G turns into a 4G.


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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 22, 01:23 AM
    Corporations are evil.

    Apple is evil, so is samsung. Why anyone would have an emotional yearning for one company above another is beyond me, both companies would gladly take all your money for nothing if you let them.

    Let them duke is out, neither is right.

    There you go, making sense. That isn't tolerated around here. :D

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  • Kilamite
    Oct 3, 09:43 AM
    This is exactly why I turn 3G off on my iPhone. The reception in Edinburgh is appalling - I walk around the city and my phone is constantly skipping between GPRS and 3G. And sometimes it'll just say "No Service" until I turn 3G off and it forces GPRS connection.

    I think the iPhone has really outlined the flaws and poor reception that carriers have in some major areas.


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  • Matt-M
    Apr 28, 04:36 PM
    That ones not really too accurate due to the camera angle...its on a slope.

    It was on a slope. I used a guide line in Photoshop and rotated the original photo 0.9 degrees CCW to remove the slope. Check my photo vs. the original.

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  • wovel
    Apr 13, 07:44 PM
    Oh, this rumor, again (like the 4th time?)... :eek:


    I am not sure why it won't die. I suppose they might, I just can not think of any reason why. The Apple TV as a STB is a much better fit for them. Might they sell this to tv makes as an embedded option. Maybe. Will they make their own TV, I still don't see the point.


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  • bad03xtreme
    Apr 13, 02:22 PM
    I don't see this happening, TV technology changes to fast to get stuck with an expensive TV that you need to keep for many years to justify the higher price.

    Case in point the new Bose videowave TV it's over $5k for a 46" tv! :eek:

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  • Tones2
    Apr 13, 02:11 PM
    Yet another ridiculous speculation by unqualified experts who need real jobs.



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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 16, 01:52 AM
    Folders still animate poorly in Launchpad (opening and closing) and transitions to and from full screen mode on Safari is a little choppy.

    It certainly feels stable enough though.

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  • yeast2u
    Apr 14, 07:56 AM
    could be a touch panel iMac...

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  • addicted44
    Apr 22, 04:25 PM
    My favorite iPhone design was the first one. Bring back the aluminum and rounded sides. It's not comfortable to hold this iPhone 4 brick!

    Currently using the original iPhone (don't ask...I lost an iPhone 4, and a 3GS, and thought it better to wait till iPhone 5 before springing a decent sum of money for a new one), the aluminum looks seriously dated.

    Although, maybe it will look a lot sweeter if they made it iPod Touch thin...

    Chupa Chupa
    Apr 12, 07:45 AM
    A dumb question (probably?):

    I am not a video expert; not a music producer; not a sound engineer; no relation with servers, whatsoever.
    So from that perspective, what is in store for me with respect to thunderbold?

    - A normal consumer

    I am not a strict normal consumer but I guess 99% of the world is.

    As a typical consumer, same as a prosumer, or pro -- speed. For example, backing up your iDevice, importing big megapixel photos and HD videos will be a whole lot quicker.

    It will also make connections easier as TB can handled video, audio, and data in the same cable.

    Citation needed.

    It's amazing how people who hang out at a site dedicated to Apple don't really know anything about Apple R&D. This is so old news. But here for your edification:

    Take hard note of the sentence: "Developed by Intel (under the code name Light Peak), and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple."

    Apr 28, 07:19 PM
    Hey, Jonny I've for CEO!!!! Not.

    Looks like his brain went to England but he left his body behind to do some last minute 'designs'. Nice attention to detail, all you had to do was change the color, genius. :rolleyes:

    Yes, that's all they had to do. It was that simple......that's why it came out so quickly.:rolleyes:

    I've ≠ Ive.

    Dec 1, 10:55 PM some miracle :(

    May 3, 08:39 AM
    3.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
    1TB Serial ATA Drive
    AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5
    Apple Magic Mouse
    Apple Wireless Keyboard (British) & User's Guide (English)
    Microsoft Office Mac 2011 - Home and Student Edition
    AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac/eMac
    Apple Remote
    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer

    Will Update RAM to 12GB by buying 8GB RAM from Crucial


    Question - Do I get the same ram from crucial as for the 2010 model? crucial doesn't show 2011 imac option yet. wait?

    Jun 6, 01:46 PM
    Yeah, "accidentally," sure. :rolleyes: The price and the buttons on the app store are clearly labeled. You don't just "accidentally" purchase this. It's only believable if the kid is still an infant and randomly tap on stuff, but 11 year old? Come on. :rolleyes: Besides, there's an option to restrict the ability to install apps on the OS.

    Kudos to Apple to do the refund. If the scenario was that the kid accidentally made an international call costing $$$, I don't think AT&T would budge.

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