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japan earthquake 2011 before and after

japan earthquake 2011 before and after. JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 2011 BEFORE

  • solvs
    Sep 16, 12:33 AM
    Originally posted by fourthtunz

    Sounds like your not using X.2 or a New Mac.
    Why do you waste your time on here?
    Again, find a better deal than the New dual 867 on the Pc side, I'll buy it.

    I was speaking mostly of what others see when comparing. Believe it or not it, matters. True, numbers don't mean that much. It's all about the real-world performance. But you know what? Apple gets their butt kicked most of the time. You can quote benchmarks all you want, and for light stuff who cares? But for the hardcore stuff, Macs need to be faster and cheaper. That's all there is to it. They want to entice more Audio/Video/Image editing people, that's what they're gonna have to do.

    Why is it anytime anyone critizes the Mac, they are automatically written off as trolls? Are you just going to accept whatever Apple does? They aren't perfect you know (though they do seem that way next to a PC). I've had many, many computers. Several of them were Apples. My 6400 was slow as molasess and froze all the time, but it got the job done (most of the time). I've since sold off or given away all but a custom built AMD running Windows 2000. I would have had a new G4 Tower, but my project lost funding and now I'm moving.

    For the record, after I get settled in the new place, I was going to get an iBook and a Tower later (or a new PowerBook maybe). Why you ask? Because video editing in Windows sux. But it still bothers me that a very fast computer I built for a very small amount of money bests a $3,000 "SuperComputer". I'd rather use FCP (I've played with it, it's nice) instead of Premier. And OS X instead of Windows (any version, don't get me started on why XP sux so much).

    But not all of us can always afford a Lexus when a Toyota will work just fine (notice I didn't say Kia or something. I didn't buy a Gateway).

    Don't get me wrong, I'm actually happy with the 167 FSB, the large drive support, the dual CD Drives, etc. The Dual 1.25s look pretty zippy. But compare it to a PC (don't fool yourself, people do. Don't just tell them to buy a PC if they don't like it, cuz you know what, that's exactly what they do), it doesn't look so good. Apple is a business. WinTels are their competitors. We all have to recognize this. Apple has to keep up to stay alive in the long run.

    I'd rather have a Mac, but don't fool yourself. You can build a really nice PC for less than $2,000 (with plenty of basic software that helps you crash Windows even faster) that blows the $3,000+ machines out of the water. You get a nice, out of the box experiance with OS X.2, but is it worth it for the higher price and slower performance. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    I'm just so tired of PC weenies saying Macs are all style, no substance. And like many computer users who actually use their computers, I'm torn. Speed and price, or style and stability?

    Only when Real-Time is really Real-Time, only then will I be truly happy.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. At japan earthquake over are
  • At japan earthquake over are

  • KnightWRX
    Mar 26, 12:32 PM
    Doubtful. A judge already said they don't infringe.

    Read the news much lately ?

    The ITC has decided to review that judge's ruling. It's still on.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Global stocks fall after Japan
  • Global stocks fall after Japan

  • Marconelly
    Apr 22, 11:16 PM
    I agree. The Intel 3000 isn't as bad as people make it out to be. If you want to play games, don't bother with an Air. A computer is a tool. If it can't perform the function that you want it to (aka gaming), then why buy it? It's function over form. Not the other way around.
    ULV Intel 3000, which is the one that would have to go into Air, if it goes at all, is quite a bit weaker than the regular I3000. Also, why wouldn't people bother with MBA if they want to play games? Current MBA is more than fine for playing many games. It has performance that matches or exceeds X360 and PS3 with any multiplatform game I've tried.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. after an earthquake and
  • after an earthquake and

  • waloshin
    Apr 11, 04:20 PM
    $3.49 Cedar City, Utah (Unleaded)

    All gasoline is unleaded now days. $1.239/litre

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. March 25 2011, after the
  • March 25 2011, after the

  • bassfingers
    Apr 28, 03:47 AM
    And by definition most of us voted for these people who have these ideas :rolleyes:

    high-fives all around!

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 2011 BEFORE

  • chrfr
    Mar 28, 02:10 PM
    So, you WILL get different focal lengths from 2 identically marked lenses where one is an EF-S lens and the other is an EF lens.
    No you will not.
    Edit: to clarify, if you take an EF 17-40mm and put it on a 60D, you will get the exact same field of view as an EF-S 17-55mm if both are set to 17mm.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. japan earthquake 2011 before
  • japan earthquake 2011 before

  • volk
    Oct 27, 02:37 PM
    We all know that this is just Adobe's Revenge for Apple stepping on its e-Toes with items like Final Cut Studio which for all practical purposes smacks down anything that Adobe can muster up, and for Aperature, which is not as good as it could be, but is still in the realm that Adobe used to dominate. On the audio front, I hope that this costs a lot less than Logic Express because if it's not 50% or more cheaper, this horse is dead before it leaves the gate. I mean, Logic is already cheaper than Audition, and for my money, LE does a bit more than Audition (granted I don't come even close to using the full capabilities of LE).

    So maybe Soundbooth is just here to compete with Soundtrack, which is kind of dumb, as no one will be using Soundbooth on a Mac since soundbooth will not integrate with FCS the way that Soundtrack does. The more I write about it, the dumber releasing this app for the Mac sounds. I mean. . . Adobe dropped Premiere for the mac because FCP smoked it, but now they want to release an audio app for mac that probably only has a place in a Premiere workflow. Hell, maybe this is just a SoundEdit Deck 16 II!? WTF!? I'm leaving.

    I don't understand why anyone would slam a company for releasing a product for the Mac...competition is good, and the audio editor market isn't as healthy on the Mac as you think.

    This app isn't designed to compete with Soundtrack squares off against Soundtrack, Audacity, Amadeus, and Peak LE. Now, Peak is well respected, but I'm not sure seems very clunky to me. Audacity and Amadeus aren't bad, but they suffer from smaller toolsets, interface abnormalities and no video integration. Soundbooth would be a nice addition to this group.

    What I hope the most is that this is simply a test of the code base to bring Audition to the Mac...something that I think is desperately needed.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Japan Earthquake 2011
  • Japan Earthquake 2011

  • philipma1957
    May 5, 05:20 PM
    This is basically what apple uses

    yes I have opened and upgraded ram in about 100 minis 2007 to 2010
    micron are all I find in mini's

    hynix link

    micron relabeled as supertalent an exact micron stick sometimes you can even see the micron label under the supertalent.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS

  • jose fuertes s.
    Oct 19, 12:23 PM
    iHope Apple will make this phones with GSM technology, so everyone worldwide could have one. :)

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Japan Earthquake: efore and
  • Japan Earthquake: efore and

  • addicted44
    Apr 5, 09:07 AM
    Oh my, what a conundrum for the fan boys. On one hand, CR loves the iPad and Apple's customer service but on the other hand, we have the iPhone 4. :D

    Consumer Reports was clearly pageview trolling with the iPhone 4.

    They rated it as their BEST smartphone, but said they wouldn't recommend it.
    How does that make any sense?

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Aftermath of Japan#39;s
  • Aftermath of Japan#39;s

  • handheldgames
    Mar 4, 01:13 PM
    Does push-mail actually work this time? In SLS it is supported, but not with an iPhone. iPhone push thus far only works with Exchange, Google or MobileMe.



    Push works AWESOME on Kerio Connect 7 to the iPhone, 6 worked great also. It uses an outlook connector for it's black magic. Email are generally pushed to and appear on my iPhone within a second of hitting the server.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Japan+tsunami+2011+efore+
  • Japan+tsunami+2011+efore+

  • Mr. Gates
    Apr 5, 11:53 AM
    Can't they just improve the button itself?
    I know this is is a prototype so I'm now worried about this nonsense, but it does bring up an important issue.

    The button on the iOS devices has never been updated or improved.

    Its too small, it is easily damaged, and the clicking action is pretty weak.

    There is a lot of room for improvement

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. japan earthquake 2011
  • japan earthquake 2011

  • MrSmith
    Apr 12, 08:08 PM
    I'd be in the category 'looking for a reason to buy one, but just can't see what I'd use it for'.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Japan Earthquake 2011 : Before
  • Japan Earthquake 2011 : Before

  • ChazUK
    Apr 17, 03:07 PM
    The biggest reason why Android will not overtake the iPhone in app sales is that the iPhone is consistent in its OS revisions.
    Are we not forgetting that the market for apps is going to start to fragment come OS4? With 1st gen iPhone and iPod touch owners stuck without an update and iPad owners stuck on 3.2 until "Fall", development for iPhone may start to become a pain soon if you want to maximise customer base. I'm not sure how backwards compatible an app developed for the iPhone and OS4 would be when running on the iPad if it uses API's not available on 3.2.

    Then we have the potential of 3 different OS4 capable phones which may vary in features come the next gen iPhone. 3G can't multitask and will undoubtedly mis some OS4 features, the 3GS will do everything Apple has shown so far and I expect the next iPhone to have some more features over the last two.

    Android's open-ness which is a strength is also its biggest weakness. As a developer its a small nightmare to test and develop for it because of so many unknowns.

    Are we talking software or hardware wise here?

    It must be a pain in the arse developing for Android and working out things like, does it have a trackball or D-pad, what processor & how much RAM the device has, what size screen does it have, which OS revision is it using....

    So far as unified hardware goes, the iPhone has been king so far, I agree. :)

    Have you got any Android projects currently in development?

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 2011 BEFORE

  • BeSweeet
    Apr 12, 02:56 PM
    No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd.

    That's Apple for ya!

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Japan Earthquake 2011:
  • Japan Earthquake 2011:

  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 11:04 AM
    Holy ****ing ****. I had no idea you could do that. I have the iPad app, but i didn't know there was a remote function. I thought it was like the phone app where you could only set your DVR with it.


    People still use satellite TV?

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. area efore the earthquake
  • area efore the earthquake

  • baryon
    Mar 21, 12:37 PM
    I don't know what kind of posh school would buy iPads! What would they do with them? Hand them out to students and go "hey guys, free iPad!" or would they allow students to browse the web during lessons? Or is it only to read books? In that case, books are cheaper, and offer a more book-like experience... don't they? The idea of school text books being available for the iPad is cool, allowing students to only carry the iPad around, but I don't think text books will get made into digital versions anytime this decade. Teachers usually want students to use books that were published like 5 years ago... I think a laptop would be more suitable for students, but only at university, not at school, since they don't allow you to submit typed text or study from the internet anyway.

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. Japan Earthquake
  • Japan Earthquake

  • cdembek
    Apr 1, 09:39 AM
    Replaced with all crap channels..

    japan earthquake 2011 before and after. JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 2011 BEFORE

  • garybUK
    Mar 21, 09:45 AM
    Not a plug... but.... tells me what the prices are around my post code.

    Friday's were: 128.9p for 95RON Unleaded and 131.9p for 98/99RON (Which I use).

    Oct 9, 04:03 PM
    Just what can Target say? "If you allow Apple do do something that might cut into out DVD sales we will intentionally sell fewer DVD" Kind of like holding a gun to your head threatening to shoot.

    All we need now is the Target chairman slowly driving around Cupertino in a white Bronco with 200 police cars tailing him.

    Mar 13, 01:04 PM
    wow, this is a NETWORK issue, not iPhone.

    the time is pushed to your phone by your carrier if it's set automatically. if it's not, then of course it's not gonna do anything or it's going to be wrong.

    i thought this was common knowledge?

    if i fly down to the west coast (i'm in the east) and restart my phone, I WILL GET THE TIME FOR THE WEST COAST

    Precisely. Not sure why so many people can't seem to figure that out.

    Apr 13, 05:00 AM
    Well, I can get 22% off a Verizon plan, that sort of thing might matter. Although, I don't want a 3G iPad, matter to me.

    * Also, crap DNS speed really throws many people for surfing, anyway. The internet's dirty little secret. I wonder how many millions don't realize they could be faster by typing a couple digits into setup.

    Jat.... didn't know this. Made the change and not sure about speed, but it fixed another issue I had where one of my business partner web sites was getting blocked. Thanks for the tip!

    Sep 26, 04:56 PM
    You know what? There was an ex-MTV VJ that made his own show using a Powerbook and two mics and he called it "Podcasting." There was an issue of Wired Magazine with him on the cover damn near two years ago. People were using the term "podcast" before Apple did. Apple has no right to do thsi to teh people who've made their player the most successful MP3/Portable Media device EVER.

    *kicks steve jobs in the nuts for allowing this*Yes Adam Curry should own the name "Podcast" since he is the one that coined the term.

    Mar 20, 07:12 AM
    This $20 discount is a kick in the nuts from Apple.
    It's in line with their CPP published prices for their computers, which see only modest $20-30 discounts over the education retail pricing for the 5- and 10-packs.

    Since the iPad education retail price is $499 and the package price already down $20 to $479, it would be unusual for the pack to be discounted more than the iMacs and MacBooks. Honestly it's a bit of a surprise that they have the same package discount as the 13" MacBook Pro on the iPad. When you consider that they're already getting education pricing and tax exemptions, plus other perks and extras from their package purchase, it's not such a bad deal.

    So how is it that Apple can only give the education sector a $20 discount per device when Amazon can buy this device from Apple (who is making a profit), resell it to consumers, AND STILL MAKE A PROFIT?
    Profit might be an overstatement. It's my understanding that most resellers don't get more than a 10% discount over retail price from Apple, and Amazon is a master of the loss leader. It often sells iPods and other popular items at near-break-even to attract other sales. It famously sells its eBooks at a loss.
    As far as I know, there aren't many electronics manufacturers that even offer education discounts, so it's difficult to hang Apple for not giving bigger discounts.
    Most offer some form of institutional purchase discounts.

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