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tom kaulitz 2011

tom kaulitz 2011. Mimi K. Mar 11, 2011. Bill
  • Mimi K. Mar 11, 2011. Bill

  • rdowns
    Apr 8, 07:18 AM
    So we're on our way to a government shutdown because the Tea Party Republicans want to kill Planned Parenthood and Big Bird. How ****ing sad.

    Hey Tea Party, remember, it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. :rolleyes:

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  • appleguy
    Jan 6, 10:01 PM
    go to the friends tab within facebook and within, there is a 'sync' tab on the top right of the page. Hope that helps.

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  • Tom Kaulitz 003: Speaker

  • ghall
    Jan 22, 03:54 PM
    I may end up waiting for the inevitable 3DS "lite". $250 seems like a lot for a handheld console and I am not impressed with the battery life. Quite frankly I am not impressed with the launch lineup either. A few of them are games I would buy if I had the 3DS already, but they're not exactly console sellers for me.

    Plus Pok�mon Black & White will keep my DSi in fairly good use for a long while. :D

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  • typecase
    Aug 14, 05:12 PM
    Speaking of parodies, this one's my favorite:


    One of my favorites too! :D

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  • 2011 - Tom kaulitz 2011

  • NewSc2
    Oct 9, 04:16 PM
    hm, wait, people don't already download movies??

    **hides torrents**

    tom kaulitz 2011. 20 March 2011 at 5:55 AM
  • 20 March 2011 at 5:55 AM

  • Lesser Evets
    Mar 28, 09:04 AM
    I understand why people like iOS, and it is useful for a lot of things. Productivity is far behind novelty/entertainment at this time, but iOS will become far more versatile when the portable hardware ups a few leaps.

    iOS 9 + iPad 5 might be worth the hype. IMO

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  • by Tom Kaulitz lt;3 on Monday,

  • longofest
    Apr 12, 03:36 PM
    Kudos to Microsoft for continuing to support Office 2004 (released in 2003) for 7 years after it was released. That's a pretty long time of support. Apparently it will continue until January.

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  • iHarrison
    Jan 6, 03:34 PM
    also....do i have to turn on "Notifications" in the settings menu in order for facebook PN's to work?


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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 26, 02:49 PM
    it's weird they made a conscious decision to NOT allow ppc computers to use.

    it is like they dont want more customers. maybe with photoshop they will do same.

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  • Ekin Pattinson, Tom Kaulitz-Tr

  • pmz
    Mar 24, 07:34 AM
    Defense budget is already ridiculous and embarrassing.

    tom kaulitz 2011. All The Same [Tom Kaulitz]
  • All The Same [Tom Kaulitz]

  • joepunk
    May 3, 10:16 AM
    Let me just say, that as complacent as Canadian's appear, **** with our Universal Health Care, and there will be rioting (Edit: tasteful demonstrations) in the streets.

    The Provincial government has made quite enough cut-backs, TYVM.

    Fueled by Poutine, right? :p

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  • davidjearly
    Dec 18, 03:41 PM
    Even a poor cover of a poor Miley Cyrus song?

    Yep, cos at least it's not metal.

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  • 2011, Bill and Tom Kaulitz

  • PYR0M310N
    Oct 18, 12:45 PM
    Should hopefully be there. Finish college at 4 so will probably get in about half 5.

    Might buy a macbook or maybe just Leo and save up for a MBP. Not sure yet.

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  • tom kaulitz. 2011. scans.

  • VulchR
    Nov 9, 08:13 AM
    Your concerns are understood. My question is: how does this differ from having your wallet or credit card stolen? Amazing that we'll secure our computers up tightly to prevent online security breaches but we'll let the sketchy-looking waiter walk away with our credit card in the restaurant.....

    OK - I admit that I can a certain tendency toward paranoia :o, but...

    With respect to credit cards, most eating places where I am in the UK bring a machine to the table rather than taking the card away. A PIN is required. Also, one can erase or cover the 3-digit number on the back so that you reduce the chances of your stolen card being used online. My worry is that the RFID will be so automatic ('convenient') that you'll be able to wave your phone to purchase goods or services, without any other conformation of your identity. And it is true that security so far on RFID is far from perfect: indeed, one can now purchase shielded passport covers that reduce the chance of criminal access to sensitive passport information via RFID .

    EDIT: Also, didn't O2 trial something called 'Wallet' that allowed a mobile phone to be used to buy things? I wonder how the trial turned out...

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  • Raid
    May 5, 09:04 AM
    80% didn't want a liberal government, 70% didn't want a NDP government. Conservatives won the majority of seats, now let them run the show for a while.

    64! 1,235! 42! I like playing games like screaming numbers too. Seriously how did you come by those percentages?

    <edit> Ah I see, percentage of votes in favour of the party; then by that standard 60% of the country didn't want a conservative government now did they. </edit>

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  • mingoglia
    Apr 16, 03:48 PM
    I'm not a developer and have no idea what their policies are but will say I think it's a bit lame to have that double standard. If I was the cartoonist I wouldn't have resubmitted it. Or if I did it would have been a cartoon mocking the double standard of Apple.... I'd then blog about the whole experience. :D

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  • Fuzzy14
    Dec 17, 07:34 AM
    Of course they don't. Most of them probably just want to be involved in the commotion, so they can put their hand up and say "yeah, I downloaded that track, suck it Cowell!"

    Yeah, I'm sure millionaire Cowell really cares. Whoever was the poor winner of the X-factor will be used and spat out by him regardless if he gets to no1 or not.

    Simon is an interesting character. He seems to have profited greatly off humiliating people on live television and has a unique position of capturing the attention of people on television, but also the airwaves.

    Yeah that just about sums it up.
    My only gripe that in in a normal year you need to sell 170,000-250,000 records to get Christmas number one, the X-factor single has already passed this mark so unfortunately it looks like more people have been buying it to prevent Rage winning. So Cowell wins either way, no such thing as bad publicity.

    Incidentally, I'm not savvy with reality TV (I prefer reality) or FaceSpace Books, I heard Zane Lowe play the song about a week ago and thought, what a classic, I haven't heard that for years and went out and downloaded it. I don't agree with the people saying it's not a good song, in 1992 Tom Morello's guitar playing was groundbreaking and the lyrics ideally suit this chart battle.

    But to paraphrase another Rage song, you can't rebel by buying something.

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  • -hh
    Apr 5, 10:22 PM
    Am I the only one that's happy about adapters?

    I feel they give the maximum flexibility for the minimum port interference; I'd rather have 4 of these good-for-any-use ports on my computer than a set number of fixed use ports, some of which never get used.

    I guess it's just me?

    Sorry, you're not alone ;)

    What a 'flexible' interface such as this does when coupled with adaptors is allow the basic mobile device to become smaller/thinner/etc. Overall, more desirable in its "mobile" modality.

    Consider if the 1st generation iPad came with a row of legacy video ports: VGI, DVI ... and for good measure, let's include Composite & Component too, since IIRC adaptors currently exist for all of these. Even though each one of them adds "only a little bit" to the form factor of the iPad, the net result of just these is that the iPad is going to have a figurative "1.5 inch binder" now running down its side to provide the real estate. And its now going to be pushing 2lbs. Does this still sound like an awesome & compelling new mobile product? Probably not.

    Now repeat the exercise and put just a DVI or VGI connector on a cellphone :eek:

    The pragmatic reality is that the dongle adaptor can live at home, next to the non-mobile display that we would use with the mobile device. Since we don't have to carry it around for that use case, why should we care that it exists or how big it is? We shouldn't.


    tom kaulitz 2011. is Bill and Tom Kaulitz.
  • is Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

  • Queso
    Mar 26, 03:22 PM
    He rich, yet he wears the same thing every day?
    When he wants to be "accidentally" photographed most definitely.

    May 5, 07:39 PM
    Macs sales are growing at the same pace as the industry. This industry that is apparently post-PC. Basically, Microsoft are not loosing sleep over Mac sales. Microsoft are not going anywhere.

    Mac sales have outpaced the market for 20 consecutive quarters. In other words, Macs have gained market share every quarter for 5 years.

    Sep 20, 06:03 PM
    About 10 people have replied and corrected bigandy on his faux pas. I think we can let it go now, okay folks? :)

    Apr 25, 11:00 AM
    Rich bastard who deserves to be shot 300 times in the heart.. Yes, I hate rich people... I am glad many died in WWII and other wars.. at least they can't take their money which is worthless anyway to heaven.

    Yikes, this post is frightening.

    Sep 27, 11:51 AM
    I currently have the 20" C2D iMac and the Mac OSX Build I have is:

    Apr 14, 01:21 PM
    Sleeping with the enemy...

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