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Polynesian tattoo designs

Polynesian tattoo designs are far more than a mere piece of decorative body art. Tribal art tattoo designs, as often as they're replicated in flash designs, were once seen as a link between man and the gods in Polynesian culture. As legend has it, the Gods taught men the art of tattooing. By being marked through a trial of pain and blood, as the elders claimed, initiates could develop a closer relationship with the spiritual world.

Take the Maori and Samoan tribes for example, Polynesian tattoo designs were a Tapu, or sacred art form. Thus the revered tattoo artists in these societies, were held in the same esteemed regard as the higher echelon virtuosos of today. Yet the community where I lived, saw all tattooing, including tribal art tattoos, as an indication of a degenerate, or at best 'an eccentric' - and eccentric is, in many ways, another word for contemptible. "Yeah, thanks for the positive support Dad!"

Paying Reverence To Islanders' Heritage

The islanders' history suggests that the Polynesian conflation of soul with body, and the belief that one could gain special advantages in the afterlife, through tribal tattoo designs, was far from limited to their culture. ("Special advantages in the afterlife? Well ink me up then!"). Similar beliefs can be found in ancient European and Asian cultures, which were responsible for the prevalence of tribal art designs among the natives of North Africa and Papua, New Guinea.

The extreme proficiency of Polynesian design creation, has become renowned amid the great and meaningful art forms the world over. After all, when people are willing to spend their entire lives in the presence of such articulated art, and be judged by everyone that sees it, is truly a mark of admiration for such a specialized technique. They are such striking, intriguing and alluring forms of expression, I knew I had to have one, or two, or three...I was worried about running out of skin space!

Polynesian tattoo designs, as one of the last surviving sacred forms of body art, were the natural locus for my studies. Indeed, the word 'tattoo' emerged from their language, (originating from the Tahitian term - 'Tatu', meaning - "to mark"). Furthermore, in the absence of any written language, those cultures created a form of articulation, dialogue and communication from their tribal tattoo designs. Various parts of the body which displayed the jet-black patterns, symbolized certain facets of their lives, experiences and beliefs respectively.

Immersed In Both The Culture And The Art-Form

Having lived for two years in the Marquesas islands, witnessing the art from descendants of tribal masters, I've found that Polynesian tattoo designs, for the original islanders, both provided a sense of belonging (through the sharing of an experience), and a sense of individuality. The designs, and their positioning on the body, were generally decided by one's family history, societal ranking, succession of maturity and personal achievements.

I learned first-hand how the Polynesians used symbols, intricate patterns, plus swirling and linear motifs, to typify storytelling among other representations, when composing tribal tattoo designs. Watching the rituals carried out with such primitive, yet effective tools such as bird-bones for needles and burnt gum from indigenous trees as ink. At times, they even used burnt vegetable caterpillars to form a black soot-like pigment to tap into the body using a mallet.

The definitions and history of what they symbolize, dates back generations, more so than any other tattoo art designs that I can immediately recall. Other societies across the oceans, have shown a great deal of respect and reverence to those island cultures, who took this form of expression far beyond what we as westerners could typically ever imagine. Plus the fact, they really do stand out from other tribal tattoo art, due to their incredibly unique and distinct appearance. Just like eating peanuts or potato's extremely difficult to just have one!

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